1930s Vintage Mickey Mouse Piggy Bank with Key

    Shaped like a diminutive leatherbound book, this charming vintage piggy bank hails from the first wave of officially-licensed Disney merchandise in the 1930s, in this case by the Zell Manufacturing Company of New York. The faux leather binding is beautifully embossed with sections of original black pigment intact. Just above the Disney copyright mark, Mickey promenades across the cover in the same posture as “A Mickey Mouse Alphabet” children’s book of 1936. Framing the coin slot, the top surface is inscribed “FOR COINS AND BILLS,” with the Zell trademark at right. Delightfully, the bank uses a lock-and-key mechanism to safekeep kid-sized savings. Ours has retained its key, and the lock still works (!), making this little gem a rare one indeed.