Atticus Sofa in Midnight Blue Vinyl

    Stately, elegant, and somehow inherently trustworthy, the Atticus Sofa recalls mid-century modern at its most widely appealing. Who doesn’t love an Atticus? Tufting without the twee, this sofa is as dependable at home as it is in a law office. Atticus is gentle enough to embrace a child, belying its firm and square-jawed exterior. The midnight blue of this sofa gets deep. Other sofas might lie to you, pass themselves off as leather, but this seat of integrity looks you square in the eye and calls itself vinyl. It stands strong on legs of good old-fashioned wood. On a certain level, Atticus is the dad we all wish we had.

    On the other hand, Atticus is buttoned up and tightly bound, it’s true. One might begin to wonder, in fact, what lurks beneath all that rigor and rectitude … (Remember the moment when he greets his brother with a mouth-to-mouth smooch? Yowza!) …

    The men behind the myths of other Atticuses might in time turn fallible — fictitious, finally, and famously favored no further. But this Atticus is no literary lawyer. It’s just furniture. So relax. Send the watchman home. This is one Atticus you can rely on.