Calvin Klein Coffee & End Table Set

    Once upon a time, Calvin Klein Home issued a furniture line, whose all-too-brief existence was roughly coeval with the Obama Administration. Rather like all that hope of ’08, the furniture line died hard in 2016, scattering Calvin’s chilly black casegoods to the winds. But the magic of time has converted brevity into scarcity, and now the fates have seen fit to assemble a three-piece living room set here at Re[x]. Sleek, black, and spartan, this set includes a coffee table and twin cylindrical end tables, all with near-invisible, limousine-smooth drawers (no less than four in the coffee). All three hail from the Curator Collection, the highest end of the Klein line, with refined pieces for specialty stores. This geometric and minimalist furniture shines with its quiet attention to detail. To Hades and back, yet these shades haven’t lost their gloss. Fiat Calvin, pereat mundus.