Dansk XLarge Teak Ice Bucket by Jens Quistgaard

    As chief designer for Dansk from the 50s through the 80s, Jens Quistgaard made Danish modern the very definition of sophisticated modern American taste. What upper middle class white kid didn’t grow up with Dansk in the kitchen? Of Quistgaard’s many teak pieces over the years, this ice bucket is perhaps most emblematic. Rumored to be designed after the brow of a Viking vessel, it somehow took on the nickname “Congo,” although that moniker makes us more nervous than a medieval villager awaiting a big fat boatload of raiding Danes. Available in Magnum (big) and Jereboam (bigger) sizes, this is the larger of the two, allegedly capable of holding 140 ice cubes or 4 quarts of steaming hot Stroganoff. Its original orange polyethylene liner is perfectly intact.