Frida and Vincent Puzzle by Jermaine Rogers

    This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle reproduces artist Jermaine Rogers’ imaginary encounter between two legends of modern art history — Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh. In the words of the artist: “There is no ‘romantic relationship’ depicted here. In my ‘what if’ world, I don’t see that as a possibility between these two. Yet, there is something much more profound. In this image, I tried to depict what a quiet moment shared between these two might have been like, after one of Vincent’s infamous episodes…perhaps the most infamous. He would run to her for reassurance and empathy & a listening ear. And she would give it, without a word.” Jermaine Rogers began his career in Houston, Texas as a member of the 1990s Texas poster-art and street art scene. Since 1995, Rogers has created posters and artwork for a wide variety of musical acts, including Queens Of The Stone Age, David Bowie, Tool, Neil Young, Radiohead, The Cure, Public Enemy, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, and many others.