Gevorg Yeghiazarian, "Don Quixote," oil on canvas, signed

    From out of the midnight blue rise fragments of Cervantes -- the knight errant, his faithful squire, the fateful windmill-giant --cresting into white as they resolve into half-glimpsed three-dimensionality. They look like so many lopsided dice bobbing in a Magic 8 Ball. It's a striking face for Don Quixote: more marionette than man, but with lidded eyes that are careworn and soulful.

    Artist Gevorg Yeghiazarian trained as an artist in his native Armenia and subsequently in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad). Often featuring cubist-inspired figures awash in fields of primary to secondary colors, his paintings embrace an oneiric and metaphysical moodiness. He is represented by Wentworth Gallery in Boston.