Giora Angres oil on canvas, signed

    If you like Matisse, you'll love this big, lush original oil on canvas by late-career artist Giora Angres. The spatially compressed interior scene features three female figures in various states of swoon, busty but for all the flatness. The palette is a fruity melange of purples and peaches -- ripe for squeezing. Angres, whose fealty to Master Matisse chafes amusingly against a name that is also a common misspelling of the surname of 19th Century king of Neoclassicism Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres -- knows the lasting appeal of cosmetic femininity: in a previous life, Dr. Angres patented the apparatus and procedure for permanent eyeliner. We're reasonably confident the painting looks just as good whether your eyelids are tattooed or not.

    size: 49" x 46"

    stretched unframed canvas