Mirrored Cube - Clear

    Good design should reflect your unique aesthetic, an axiom that works even better when it’s 100% literal. This Mirrored Cube Side Table obligingly reflects back whatever space you put it in, and your own image to boot. For fans of Modernism, it also brings home a small reminder of the biggest thing in 60s art history. Long before “minimalism” meant the banalities of tidying-up or the grandiosity of sparking joy, it was a very cool and hugely important movement in actual art culture. Minimalists favored stereometric solids, like cubes, and hard reflective surfaces, like mirrors. It was all about the interaction of object, viewer, and space. In fact, one of the first Minimalist artists, Robert Morris, famously made Mirrored Cubes only slightly larger than this one way back in 1965. Would we call this “phenomenological furniture?” Who cares! It’s simple, elegant, and goes with everything. Discover the life-changing magic of nice stuff.