PH 5 Pendant Lamp by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen (Vintage)

    Already in the 1920s, designer Poul Henningsen had developed a system of shading in multiple horizontal bands in order to soften and diffuse the light from electric bulbs. Having been raised without electricity in a rural Danish village, Henningsen preferred the glow of gas lamps to the comparative harshness of incandescent filament lighting. With his first so-called “Paris lamps” in glass, Henningsen won major awards for Louis Poulsen & Co, for whom he would continue to refine his lighting design over the following decades. The PH series, named for his initials, is his best known, and includes both the PH Artichoke and this lamp, the PH 5. Composed of floating circular metal louvers reflecting the light of an interior bulb, the PH 5 applies scientific principles to Henningsen’s quest for soft and salutary illumination. This version is the Classic White—although most visible surfaces appear in the quintessential white of Modern design writ large, blue and red interior surfaces enhance the light at the far ends of the visible spectrum (red and blue), while mitigating the green-yellow glare of the most readily visible light. Much beloved and often imitated, the PH 5 Pendant Light has been in continuous production since its debut in 1958. Astonishing for its versatility, the PH 5 is equally at home in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings, and has remained steadfastly tasteful since its debut. Our lamp is in gorgeous condition, and includes original Louis Poulsen stickers on its interior.