Reclaimed Millwork Drum Coffee Table

    This wide-bodied one-off stunner assembles a design-forward cylindrical coffee table out of hundreds of reclaimed fragments of crown molding, chair rails, baseboards, and other milled flourishes of pre-modernist architecture. It’s as if your boldly modern house had slaughtered its traditionalist predecessor and made a showpiece of its splintered remains. The effect is striking. From above, the varied shapes of the millwork (they are packed tightly on the vertical, like pickles) shed their Victorian frippery to take on the quirky pixellations of the screen age: in cross-section, it turns out, these fragments resemble nothing so much as Pac-Man ghosts or other digital beasties. The assemblage is hemmed in by a battalion of baseboards like the staves of a barrel, whose rounded vertical troughs ringing round the drum lends the whole affair the look of a fluted segment of a classical column.