Sputnik Supernova Pendant Brass Finish

    Ever since 1957, when the Soviet Union launched the first-ever satellite into orbit, Sputnik has leant its name to a whole category of design objects—chandeliers in particular—that bear a resemblance to the silvered sphere with radial extensions that kicked the space race into high gear all those years ago. The strange part is that the original so-called ‘Sputnik’ lamp predates the Soviet satellite by several decades. Italian designer Gino Sarfatti devised a light in a starburst configuration, which he called “Fireworks,” as early as the 30s; although delayed by world war, the piece went into production in the early 50s. Only years later, when Sputnik fever encircled the globe, did starburst lights take on the nickname.

    Send warm streams of light across the living room, bedroom, entryway, or dining room with the Sputnik Supernova. Dazzling guests with a unique starburst design, this pendant chandelier features an array of brass metal rods and sockets that shoot out from its spherical center at varying lengths. An eye-catching conversation piece with calla lily shaped transparent plastic rod endings, this ceiling light fixture modernizes mid-century style with contemporary sculptural form. Supernova hangs suspended from a sleek metal rod and flush wall mount and requires thirty E26 25W light bulbs (not included).