Vintage Bavaria Selb/Heinrich German Porcelain

    The story of Heinrich & Co. Bavaria is quite fascinating. Franz Heinrich began his porcelain painting business in Bavarian Selb in 1896. Initially, he operated with just one female worker, but by 1901, he started producing his own whiteware. The Porzellanfabrik Heinrich Selb became one of Germany’s largest porcelain producers. In 1929, Heinrich & Co. acquired another Selb factory, Gräf & Krippner, and by the 1930s, they employed 500 people. Despite production interruptions during World War II, the company resumed operations in 1945. In the 1970s, employment rose to 800. Eventually, in 1976, Heinrich Porzellan GmbH became part of Villeroy & Boch12. The distinctive H & Co Selb Bavaria mark was used from 1911 onward, and the Gemmo porcelain line was produced by Heinrich between 1949 and 1980