West German U-Ceramic Vase 588/25

    Ü-Keramik 1909- 1990 Ü Keramik, or Üebelacker Keramik, was founded in 1909 by the tin/pewter maker Johann Üebelacker (died 1955). It was based in Ransbach Baumbach. Initially it did not include pottery and was exclusively a metal foundry. It later started to produce ceramics, ny 1955 it had 25 different vases in production in a range of sizes and decors. Much of the output was exported to Scandinavia and Austria. Heinz Hommerich (arts director) developed a fire red glaze in 1954 and this was one of the first mass produced glazes in Germany. The glaze contained the toxic chemical Selenium. In 1955 with the death of Johann Üebelacker the company was taken over by his three sons. Ü Keramik collaborated with and subsequently took over the Siershahn pottery company which produced klinker ceramics.