Mid Century U- Keramik Vase 1574/18 by Johann Uebelacker

    Ü Keramik was a West German pottery company that was founded in 1909 by Johann Üebelacker, a tin/pewter maker. Initially, it was exclusively a metal foundry and did not include pottery. However, it later started to produce ceramics and had 25 different vases in production by 19551. The company was based in Ransbach Baumbach and much of its output was exported to Scandinavia and Austria1. Heinz Hommerich, the arts director, developed a fire red glaze in 1954, which was one of the first mass-produced glazes in Germany. The glaze contained the toxic chemical Selenium1. In 1955, after Johann Üebelacker’s death, the company was taken over by his three sons. Ü Keramik collaborated with and subsequently took over the Siershahn pottery company, which produced klinker ceramics. In 1960, Ü Keramik helped establish Kilrush Ceramics in Ireland1. The company went bankrupt in 1990