Mixed Media by International Interior Designer Kenn Cross

    Mixed Media by International Interior Designer Kenn Cross. Kenn Cross has been creating art for private collectors more than 30 years using various mediums including paint, sculpture, and mixed media. Kenn's art is influenced by his many professions which include being a degreed Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, photographer, avid Chef, and Fashion Stylist. His art is displayed throughout the United States and Italy at the private residences and businesses of his lifelong clients. Kenn's style is very unique and changes seasonally as well as geographically. Many of his pieces are created outside in nature surrounded by the colors he chooses for each piece. When possible, he repurposes unique materials collected from his travels and sometimes uses materials from the inspirational site location itself. This may include crushed glass, reflective Micah chips, plaster, and discarded construction materials.