West German Scheurich Ceramic Orange "Prisma" 267/18

    Scheurich 1954-Present In 1927 Alois Scheurich jointly established a company named “Scheurich and Greulich” (S&G) (German for appalling). S&G distributed low cost ceramic and glass items. The success of S&G allowed Alois Scheurich to establish his own ceramics factory in Kleinheubach in 1954. The Scheurich company became one of the largest manufacturers of ceramics in Germany from the 1950s to the 1980s. They exported more than any other ceramic company in Germany. Some lines were specifically produced for foreign markets, such as the ‘Europline’ and mould designs marked ‘foreign’. The distribution of some forms and glazes indicates that some may have been produced for specific countries. They offered the widest range of shapes and glazes. The designer Heinz Siery is responsible for many of the forms which Scheurich produced. The company continue to this day, ceramic plant pots are found in many UK garden Centres.